I’ve spent some time watching a few films recently that I had been holding off seeing for a long while.  Below are my thoughts on them….

Watched the flick #Warrior last night with #TomHardy and #JoelEdgerton.  I had heard it was a decent film.  But I really enjoyed it.  Good story line and the actors’ performances were well done.  Tom was a bit brooding, but I saw nothing wrong with that.  Overall, I felt director #GavinOconner captured the relationships of the Father-Sons and Brother-Brother in a natural way, considering the subject matter and obstacles at hand in the film’s storyline.  It had a lot going on in terms of different story arcs, and did a fine job illustrating them without taking focus off the main subject of the film, which was the relationship between the 2 brothers.  Some might argue the main subject was the fight tournament they enter.  But I think that was more of a capsule to bring the brothers’ relationship to the forefront.  The father’s (Nick Nolte) relationship with his sons was a close second, always overlooking them throughout the film.  Bottom line, if you like fight films you’ll enjoy this movie.  If you like drama and are open-minded to a little action and bruising, you’ll like it also.  Good stuff.  It’s on #Netflicks if you got it and are interested….and haven’t already seen it, of course.

Another film I watched recently was the film #TheThing.  Now, I believed this to be a remake of the 1980’s flick of the same name starring the awesome #KurtRussell, or #JackBurton as I like to call him.  Others may prefer #Snake.  :)    Anyway, spoiler alert, turns out this film is actually a prequel, with a similar, but different storyline than the original.  The Thing wasn’t anything mind-blowing.  But it was what I expected and all I could really hope for, in terms of action, suspense and horror.  The characters were believable, although, I can’t say you really get to know them very well, even the main female role.  But, alas, when do you ever really get to know horror films’ characters all that well?  If you’re in the mood for a fun movie you can chill and have a couple (or more) beers to, I’d say it’s worth popping in your device of preference.  If you can’t stand horror, aliens or Norwegians, then look elsewhere.

The final movie I’ll talk briefly about is #LucBesson’s #LockOut, starring #GuyPearce.  Yes, I’m a bit of a sci-fi nerd, and have always loved Besson’s #TheFifthElement.  So, I wanted to give this film, although not directed by Besson, a punching and kicking chance.  In the beginning, I must say I had my doubts.  The film came off a bit cheesy and I was in a mode of “what was I thinking”.  But I sat through the first 20-30 minutes and things began to pick up once they transitioned into space….and the female lead, played by #MaggieGrace, was more in the swing of things.  There are two Scottish brother characters in the film that really helped to keep it interesting also.  One brother’s psychotic rants I found to be amusing.  Anywho, this film might be better off untested if you are in the mood for a really good movie.  But if you are bored, why not.

As always, I take no responsibility for any spelling, grammatical, factual or other noticeable errors found in this post.  So rant on something else busters!   :)



– B


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