B - 4-4-1

B – 4-4-1

Who is Bryan Bachar?  Well, remember, you asked!

That’s really up to you to decide upon you’re meeting Bryan at any given time.  Bryan, or B, or Bach, or Bachar, as well as multiple other aliases, is the type to wear many masks.  This holds true to him in every aspect of his life, whether personally, artistically, career-wise or all the above.  Some might know him as a director or digital media producer, some a quiet hermit or a social loudmouth goofball, and others might just see him as a guy that tries to do too much.  However he’s viewed, B just hopes to be seen as a friend and good dude in the end.

Bryan has always answered to various names throughout his life, as he’s moved around quite frequently.  With the moving he’s had to accept the different title variations that came with the regular reestablishment of “home”.  Always having to adapt to fit his environments taught him lessons early on in life about the differences in people, but more so taught him about their commonalities.

We all have stories.  We all have unique backgrounds that have made us who we are.  Bryan has used his invaluable experiences in life to form his view of the world.  He believes we all have good within us.  And we all can learn and grow until the day we die.  Heck, when you stop learning and growing you die anyway, even if you’re still technically walking around and breathing.  And, sadly, we live in a world filled with “life zombies”.

Open-mindedness and acceptance are values Bryan hold near.  No one is perfect.  And no one deserves to be made to suffer prejudice and hateful acts against them.  So, without sounding too much like a preacher, Bryan hopes to use his artistic abilities to tell stories, to be real with people, to make others smile and feel.  If anything, he just wants people who give him their time to try something new, even if that “new thing” isn’t from him.  Be open.  Be understanding.

Opinions are great.  And we all have one.  But we must also be able to truly take in the opinions of others without discrimination.  At the same time we must know the difference between “constructive opinions” and, you guessed it, “deconstructive opinions”.  Deconstructive opinions are generally excuses to allow people a way to state hurtful beliefs, ill comments and hate-filled prejudices without coming out and saying they are so.  We don’t need these kind of opinions.

Bryan truly wishes to continue to grow and be the best person he can be, finding balance.  No one is perfect.  But, dammit, this doesn’t mean we have to fold to the darkness out there.  No matter how hard it gets we can make it.  We can overcome.  Through positive passion we can achieve.  You can be who YOU are.

It’s B’s firm belief if he gives his all to his goals, all to his passion, some pretty cool things will happen, and he will find his happiness along the way.  The same holds true to every person on this crazy planet…. Here’s to the journey.

Believe it.  Do it.


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– The B Team