Al Hendrix is a cool dude. One of the originals during the age of Rockabilly, Al needed some new media to get the word out that he’s back. He approached me and my company one studios and, after some talking and a bunch of laughing (Al’s a funny guy), it was agreed that I would organize and execute a multi-cam shoot for one of Al’s upcoming performances.  (more info below video)



We shot the intimate concert in Nevada City, CA at Stone House bar and restaurant. Al and his band rocked the house….pun intended. And we enjoyed every minute of his music, as well as his neverending stories. He met Elvis!

The shoot consisted of three cameras, a Canon 5D Mark III, a 7D and a 6D. The lenses were a mixture of Carl Zeiss and Canon….shout out to one studios colleague and co-founder of Plaid Zebra films, Joel Dockendorf, for aiding in supplying further equipment and serving as a camera op!  In addition to shooting, I also recorded audio via mics and a direct line from Al’s band’s board. I then took all the footage and audio and edited, colored and mixed in Premiere, creating the motion graphics for the intro and outro in After Effects.

Although we shot the entire concert, the three songs highlighted in this video are Al’s three favorites that he is best known for, aside from his old hit ‘Monkey Bite’. The three songs showcased in this vid are ‘Young and Wild’, ‘My Perfect Love’ and ‘Laraine’…..who he’s still happily married to.

I can’t say enough how good of a guy Al is.  I’ve literally spent hours on the phone with him just talking about life.  I’m honored to have him now as a friend and as part of the one studios Family!


– B



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