The following trailer is for an upcoming feature called Essence of Eternity, by Director Richard Ryan and his production company Ox Films.  This feature is filming in multiple locations.  But for the majority of shoots Ox Films had in Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park and Lake Tahoe, CA, I was contracted as the Sound Recordist/Mixer.  I’ll be posting more audio I captured in my my upcoming Film Audio Reel, as well as including future clips with the audio as Ox Films releases them.

For now, enjoy the following teaser, which has just a small piece of the audio I recorded at the end of the clip.  It’s the part where the lead actor says, “Where’s my wife?!”  Believe me, I should be able to post some clips with way more of my audio from this film in the near future….hopefully when it’s been properly mastered.  But at least you get to hear it in its raw form!

I recorded and mixed the audio using wireless lav units, as well as a boom mic.  I had feeds going into a 16 bit recorder, a 24 bit recorder and the RED Scarlet camera that the scene was shot with.  Always get backups!  😉

***UPDATE!!!  Below the first clip described is a new trailer Ox Films recently released that has some more of my audio for the film.  In this clip you can hear audio I recorded and mixed at the following time markers……0:28 – 0:31 (Bathroom Fight & Boat), 1:04 – 1:07  (no audio but I did record for that scene), 1:35 – 1:37 (guys running), 1:42 – 1:48 (sitting in chairs), 1:56 – 2:00 (bathroom fight).  A lot of this was done with multi mic / multi recorder setups, including wireless lavs, boundary mics, shotgun mics, a Tascam HD-P2, a Zoom H6 and more.  I’ll be posting more of my audio bits from this film as they are released with video clips like this.  But, again, I’ll also be post stuff in my personal audio reel(s) as well.

Thanks for listening!


– B



Here is the newest trailer.  My audio is again at the following time markers….0:28 – 0:31 (Bathroom Fight & Boat), 1:04 – 1:07  (no audio but I did record for that scene), 1:35 – 1:37 (guys running), 1:42 – 1:48 (sitting in chairs), 1:56 – 2:00 (bathroom fight)



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