Some might think it a bit overkill, but I document all of my work, skill-sets, references and more in an extended, detailed resume.  It allows me to not only keep track of the different areas I work in, but also gives me something to pull from to create shortened resumes on the fly for specific tasks.  As long as I keep up with it, it’s a great way to make sense of it all.

The link to view this resume is below.  Certain info, such as addresses and references, have been withheld in order to maintain privacy and safety.  But this info can be provided upon the request of a potential employer, contractor, client or project leader and/or colleague.  If you would like to view a resume of an individual area I work in, like digital media production for example, please click on one of the available resume pages under Services for Hire in the navigation menu above.  Otherwise, click on the link below to open the web .PDF of my long form resume.  There is a navigable table of contents within the document for your convenience.  Thank you for your interest and/or consideration!



– B