Today I caught a discussion between a friend of mine on Facebook and a friend of his on Facebook.  They were debating the current health care system debacle and how much government should play a part, one saying he believes government should intervene, more or less, and the other saying the government’s intervention would just take away more of our freedoms and be more expensive, more or less.  My bud quickly made a point of saying the current health care system is, hellooo, already expensive as #$*@!!! and is currently not run by the government; it is broken.   His amigo quickly replied with some hoopla about President Roosevelt attempting to intervene in 1912 and the government having played a role, not being a good one, in health care since.    He is also firm on his stance of health care not being a “luxury” that everyone is entitled to, it not being a God-given right…nothing is for free.

Yes, the political talks are at the forefront with the presidential election just around the corner, hot off the heels of last evening’s first presidential debate.

I had a few thoughts I wanted to contribute to the conversation.  But my “few” thoughts turned into a longer rant.  Soooo, I decided to post on here instead!  The main point I’m trying to make….well, you tell me if you get what I’m saying….

Nothing is for free, true.  But we’re already paying for it…quite a bit.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have affordable health care?  You might be paying for it with taxes.  But you wouldn’t have to worry when an inevitable comes…at least not as much as now.  Who wants to have to choose a life-saving operation over their home?

Not saying the plan is laid out perfectly.  But change is hard fought, especially when it’s never truly given a chance to be effective.  How can we say something won’t work if it’s not even properly attempted?  Too much bickering for self-preservation going on in the government.  Big business scared to lose its place.  Wealthy might not be so wealthy anymore.  Yada yada yada.  Boo hoo.  How about thinking about the overall effect of a nation health care system instead of simply how to stop it from coming into fruition?

Yes, our society takes pride in its freedoms.  However, without government action things would get, well, a bit out of control.  But who is suppose to run the government???  US!  Government is our freedom.  Hence, we are making the decisions through our votes.  It’s our choice to make things happen the way we want them to.  If the “government” is too controlling doesn’t this mean we’re too controlling?  Doesn’t make sense, right?

The problem is there are too many appointed officials in our government that think too much for themselves and not the people they are suppose to represent.  We appoint these officials with the hope and trust they will make decisions worthy of our wants and needs.  So, why shouldn’t these officials, OUR government reps,  intervene at some point with health care?  Aren’t they looking out for us, in essence?  Sadly, that’s not always the case, right?

But there has to be invention at some point.  Guidance and restrictions versus all out rule though, of course.  What’s to stop price increases otherwise?  It should be on more of a local government level for the most part, with the feds implementing certain nationally recognized measures.  It’s a tough thing though, no doubt.  After all, it’s our government representatives that run or have stake in so many of our current health care system providers, which adds yet another layer to the sweet dump cake that is this health care situation.

Why do you think so many politicians are so opposed to the system’s change?  CHA CHING bye bye.  MORE OBSTACLES, hello.  So, they are convincing the people, and themselves, for the most respectable and selfless reasons I’m sure, not to make change (I do hope you get my sarcasm there).

But even if there is change they’ll still have a say in some way or another since, hello, they are within our chosen government.  There will just be more restrictions since they can’t do it in the cooperate fashion any longer, where they can hide this and that, use that loop-hole and this tax cut.  Now they’ll have to make their moves for cashzilla by tip-toeing around government procedures, which they don’t want to have to deal with since it will limit them.

Lord knows a whole slew of new “laws” will be presented out of nowhere to ensure certain aspects of business are “preserved for the people”, aka will keep the doe flowing in the pockets of those that control the big business.  If ever we’re able to push through a new health care administration, just watch how fast bills will be presented to become “laws”.  Just watch.

It just cracks me up how black and white so many Americans think these kinds of issues are.  There are so many levels to take into consideration.  So many details behind the scenes.  Politicians say what you want to hear.  Very few of them actually give a shit about you or your dying mom that you can’t afford to take care of.

So, I laugh, I chuckle, I holler, I sigh at those persons that hold what is said on the outside so close on the inside.  Politicians play on emotions, our emotions.  Set in motion a planted idea and watch the field of battling amongst ourselves unfold.  That’s the plan.  It’s like a fine game of Risk, strategy at it’s best.

These guys make it look so easy though.  You don’t even realize what’s going on.  Instead, everyone is too busy debating what he said here or what he said there.  Listen to what isn’t being said.  Then you’ll have your answer(s).

Our government needs reform, but so does the mindset of its people.  Think of the future, not the present; your children’s children, not yourselves.


– B

Believe It.  Do It.


***As always, Bryan Bachar doesn’t hold himself accountable for any factual or grammatical mistakes.  T’is what it t’is.  Haters don’t die.  They multiply.  Have a nice day.



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