So, I heard about a couple cool sites today…I know, I know…SOOO yesterday.  What evs!  #JosephGordonLevitt’s collaborative production company site called allows you to upload and share original material with other users on the site.  Once you upload a submission it becomes a “record”, permitting every user the right to use it or remix it in any fashion they like, as long as it’s for another record they are posting back on HitRECord.

If Mr. Gordon-Levitt and his team decides a record is worth the effort and pushes to turn it into a “production”, all of the contributing users have the chance to make a profit off of the work.  HitRECord splits its productions’ proficts 50/50 with its contributors, as it is a pro-profit organization.  They use a non-exclusive license structure.  So, you maintain the rights to your original works.

Cool concept.  I plan on trying it out myself and have already signed up!  For more info, go to

The other site I heard about today and have already taken the liberty of peepin’ out is Turntable.FM.  Basically, it allows you listen to blast playlists from anywhere around the world that are being produced by DJs or everyday Schmos like yourself.  In essence, you are the DJ for someone else’s get down moments.

This takes online music streaming to a whole new level.  Because, now, you are actually listening to music being put together by someone else using the music you like to hear….with flare!   Rather than simply allowing a program to put music together for you, you’re being interactive.  In fact, another awesome feature is you can actually rate the music the DJ is playing, forcing him to eventually change the song, or, giving her mad props yo!

This site is great for hearing new tunes or your beloved classics.  It’s also a perfect stage for aspiring disc jockeys to get their feet wet and feel out crowds.  Just be ready for the haters, because you know people are WAAAAY more brave sitting behind their firewalls!  And remember, your listeners have the power to change your picks in the end.

All in all, Turntable.FM is a really fun and creative site.  So much for hiring in-house DJs! …..well, I wouldn’t go that far.  😉   Go to for mas info.

Never ceases to amaze me the creative thinking going on out there on the web.  Hard to keep up with it all!  Impossible really.  But it’s fun to try.  Hay ohhhhh!!!!


– B

Believe it.  Do it.


***As always, Bryan doesn’t take resp0nsibility for any misspelled words or Names, or, inaccurate facts.  He does his best and, frankly my dears, doesn’t give a damn.  Haters!  :)  Much love.



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