Besides creating videos, motion graphics and more with his digital media company, one studios, B also finds it awesome to dabble in illustration, graphic art and painting.  So, when he’s not making media to pay the bills, he might partake in a creative drawing.  He may even take a photo, perhaps digitally manipulating it down the line to really make it stand out.

Music is also one of Bryan’s favorite hobbies.  Although, he’s beginning to mold music into a vital part of his professional work-flow as well since he regularly creates small instrumentals and beats for video projects.  In fact, audio production in general has been a huge aspect of his life for the past five years or more.  With time, he hopes to demonstrate what he has learned and practiced through the recording of his own music and continued growth in his digital video and film audio production projects.  He is currently recording his original music when time permits.

Filmmaking is B’s true passion, despite all else.  He loves nothing more than to tell a story through film, as you can touch so many people with such powerful messages.  What better way to express your inner art?

Whatever the art form, however, Mr. Bachar loves to share his work with the eyes and the ears of the masses.  Be on the look out for original imagery, videos, animations, music and more from Bryan Bachar, available for viewing, listening and, in some instances, even downloading!  Use the above navigation menu to choose one of the many media categories under the B’s Media header.  Or, choose from one of the following three main category pages below:



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– The B Team