A rhythm…a beat….or just some simple words spat….MUSIC.  B loves music, period.  And he works at getting better with his musicality whenever possible.  A little guitar, a little piano, maybe some drums or electronic 808s, or even straight a cappella; whatever he’s feelin’ he does.  And he has quite a few original songs he’s made over the last six years.

But music is also something B’s indecisive as hell with, being a little shy because of all the Simon Cowells out there.  So, let’s all show him some love, tell him to stop being a wussy, and get him to post some of his jams already!  It’s all about learning and growing, right?  We promise, stuff is coming soon.  We’re forcing him to just do it already!

Oh, you might want to check out B’s buddy and fellow one studios Family member, Bach2Smooth, over on his site, Bach2Smooth.com.  There this DJ performer has original music, cool mixes, performance videos and more posted for your listening and viewing pleasure.  He’s a good dude and you should check him out….just saying.  😉

Also, please note there is no section for other people’s music right now on this site.  This is because B really hasn’t recorded and mixed other artists music much, not being an area he has really pursued so as not to spread himself overly thin.  However, he has done some light studio recordings with other musicians in the past.  If you’re interested in having B record your music, send him a shout out on his contact page.  He had to move recently, taking down his sound studio in the process….sigh…. But he plans to get another one up and running in the near future.

Thanks for listening!



COMING SOON!!! (Mark our words)



– The B Team