Heard about an interesting thing happening online called naked therapy.  Basically, it consists of a woman/man undressing as she talks to her/his “patient” and listens to his/her problems.  Of course, this is mostly a female “therapist” to male “patient” occurrence.

What are your thoughts on this?  Just a gimmick to take horny/depressed/shy/etc. peeps’ doe?  Or is a valid way to get at peeps’ problems, using a relaxing, sexually stimulating approach?  I’m open to new ideas.  But I do think it’s funny these “therapists” are grouping themselves with people that have spent years gaining their degrees and perfecting their crafts as legitimized professionals.

So, open to new ideas, yes.  Feel it’s right they should be calling themselves therapists, sure.  Why not?  You don’t need a degree to be one in my opinion.  But calling yourself a professional therapist, no.  That’s different and needs a license to accompany it.  Still, who’s to say they can’t call themselves professionals alone?  Professional is a very open term, after all.

Who knows?  We might be witnessing a whole other field of therapy taking form.  Sexual healing.  It’s been around since the dawn of man.  And, let me tell you, it does work!  Marvin had it right.


– B


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