In today’s extremely competitive job market it can be difficult to stand out from the masses.  You might do great work, and it should speak for itself.  But your work might not even get the chance to catch a potential employer or client’s eye without a stellar opener.  Regular old resumes, although needed, can be boring and easily overlooked if they don’t have exactly what an employer, or client, is searching for.  Traditional resumes are just words and phrases, often destined to be lost in the piles or endless emails.

We have to use our technology to get ahead.  The thought occurred to me, “Why not utilize the skills I pay the bills with and create a video resume to help give me an edge?”  So, I did.

This form of resume is becoming more and more common and allows me to describe my work experience and skill-set, just like in a traditional resume, as well as provide proof of such through actual work samples.  It also gives a potential client or employer the opportunity to put a face with the resume and work before an interview even comes to mind.  This can be a great way for connecting to the possible job candidate…..aka me.  :)

Everything is linked together in one tight package in the following video.  I hope it provides you with a great introduction to me and what I can offer your company or project.  I reaaaally hope it helps me get your valued business or that big job I seek!  Thank you for your interest and/or consideration.


COMING SOON!!!  (I promise.)


In the meantime, please view my traditional resumes by clicking the resume page of your choice under Services for Hire in the navigation menu above in your browser.


– B