As its owner and chief artist, B is part of the one studios Family.  Although is its own entity, it’s still a part of the family of one studios sites also.  Make sense???  Anyway, this here site has a grip of family sites that you should check out.  The links and descriptions are below.

B likes to post links to his friend’s and colleagues sites, helpful sites and tutorials, entertainment sites and just plain cool sites as well.  For those links be sure to peep the posts on this page.



Home of one studios on the net, here you’ll find everything you need to know about the one studios Universe.  Service info, rates, original media, helpful links, info about one studios’ projects, the entire one studios Family directory, it’s all here waiting for you.  Let OneMan guide you along your journey.  He’s kind of cool….not as cool as he thinks…but kinda cool.  :)

Bach2Smooth is the resident one studios Family DJ, performer and sound technician.  He occasionally collaborates with B on various projects.  Always creating new material and up for hire for gigs, you can check him out on his site here.  Original muzak, mixes and crazy times await!


Reppin’ tha west coast like sum hot butta on your breakfast toast, W. Shiznik is an up and coming MC from Calisonor, CA.  A protege of Bach2Smooth, W is a wild boy, to say the least.  But his party side aside, he’s got a good head on his shoulders with an even bigger heart in his chest.  Follow his adventures on this entertaining site!

Fight 4 Your Life (also

Fight 4 Your Life is one studios’ first full length feature film.  Filled with tons of engaging content, this site gives you all you need to know about the project.  The plot, cast and character bios, videos, free downloads and so much more, it’s all here.  Check out the site and support B on his very ambitious project.  Your love is appreciated!

More one studios Family sites COMING SOON!


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