A beautiful day for a beautiful occasion, Matt and Ruchi’s wedding was a pure delight to work.  It was a mixture of a traditional Indian wedding and an All-American wedding.  The immense culture and learning I personally took from the event was well worth attending alone.  Truly, this Fremont, CA event was something I’ll always hold near.

I filmed for three days in accordance with the traditional ceremonies in Indian weddings.  These standard definition shoots included the Garba, the Mehndi and the wedding day events, including the wonderful reception, of course.  For the Garba and Mehndi I produced single camera shoots.  For the wedding day happenings I contracted a second shooter to produce a multi-camera shoot.  Later, I edited an extensive wedding video and created a four disc set for the bride and groom, which included the Garba, the Mehndi, the wedding, the cocktail hour, the reception, pictures, special traditions, outtakes, a short highlight, an extended highlight, the wedding music and one of the discs being a CD of the wedding music.

Energetic dancing, gorgeous scenery, spectacular garments, tasty food, horseback entrances, an excellent crowd and endless smiles made this wedding one to remember.  Good times.

Thanks for watching!


– B




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