“Say my name….You’re damn right…”  “Shut the F#$@ up and let me die in peace.”   Man, last night’s #BreakingBad was excellent.  The writers just do such a great job.  It’s not just the dialogue either.  The camera work, the directing of the actors’ actions in line with the dialogue, everything, it’s always just so on point and original.  You think they’re going one direction with things, even coming off a little cliche.  But then they switch it up on you and blast something in your face, or just make it so subtle, so realistic.

The character development is in a class of it’s own.  The way they slowly take the time to make you feel for these people is just the way it should be done.  Mike wasn’t a good guy.  He was a bad guy who’s done very bad things in his life.  But, in the end, I felt bad for the guy.  He was genuinely trying just to get out.  He didn’t want any bull from Walt.  But Walt’s obsession with being the big dog wouldn’t let him leave on the terms Mike tried to leave on.  Mike’s words were his demise.  Again, he wasn’t a good guy, few are in this show.  But the writing, etc. developed Mike’s character so very well, with so many levels, as we all realistically have, that it made you want to like him….at least this is how it was for me.

Damn good show.  Sure, it has it’s small flaws, but they’re just that, small.  And I’d be pressed to find them, and don’t want to take the time to do so since it will mean missing out on all the quality awesomeness going on while I’m being a hater.  If you haven’t tried it for yourself, well, my recommendation is you should.  You might not dig it like so many others are.  But it’s mos def worth a shot.


– B



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Hey everyone. If you wanna know, I reside in the place of sun, silicon and superficiality. Ahhhh, my home sweet home...how I love the! Sarcasm you smell??? Well...perhaps just a bit. But, truthfully, the West is where my heart is. The world itself is a wonderful place if you let it be. That's why I like to say I give my heart to the West, and my soul to the world. Call it what you will. Living to be the best person I can be is my goal in this life. That doesn't necessarily mean being the best though. It's my belief if you do your utmost personal best, giving whatever you go for your without-a-doubt all, and make smart decisions along the way, awesome things can happen and you'll achieve what you set out to do. There can be no excuses. There can be no giving up. You must use your opportunities and develop the natural abilities you've been blessed with. And, in the end, if you stay focused, you will find your happiness. Competitiveness is great. It drives us. But we can't let it cloud our vision, dirty our good nature. Eh, take it for what you will. This is just what I've come to live by through personal experience. We are all different. Find what works for you. All in all, I hope I can provoke some sort of thought through my work, as well as provide some sort of emotion. Not every person will like it, nor will every person appreciate it. But I'm okay with that. No ego or pride here....well, okay, as little as possible at least. :) Through my art, I give my all to the world. And that's the best I can do. Thanks for your time.

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